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Jan 26, - Everyone who writes about gay men in love today owes a debt, however, or Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte are married or Roger Federer is either Then, too, just as men have gotten off on lesbian sex, women like visiting of “Sex and the City” in which the ladies got their jollies watching gay porn.).

The media is trying to push Michael Phelps as a sex symbol, and it is impossible

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As a country, we can't get enough of miniscule moppets flipping their hearts out on balance beams and mats, most of them with a better chance of sticking their landing on Mars than ever menstruating. As much as people hate the spoilers, I have heard zero complaints about the quality of the eye candy this year. Even though he was already wet from the pool, barely legal British diver Tom Daley delighted his gay fans by showering himself with water, Flashdance-styleafter the synchronized diving event.

And let's not even talk about how he relaxes at home. Over phelps and lochte are gay swimming, the old debate ball gay guy have loaded Jacob vs.

Edward seems like child's play compared with the battle between Lochte and Phelps for both medals and sexual attention. Even the rowers found a way to display their phelps and lochte are gay medals with more than just stiff backs and firm oars.

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In the run-up to the Olympics, one athlete emerged from the shadows, threatening to take prominence over all phelps and lochte are gay just from the sheer force of his good looks. More importantly, he was a decathlete. Suddenly, the mushy, less sexy middle of the games seemed like it might be the most interesting since Bruce Jenner shot put his torso onto America's TV screens and cereal boxes in My son being born.

Everything was perfect, and then this happened.

Jul 30, - Phelps, 27, has said that the London games will be his last Olympics. Lochte, who turns 28 on Friday, has not yet made his post-Olympic plans.

Under most circumstances, athletes cannot receive IVs unless related to a hospitalisation or when allowed under the terms of a USADA-approved exemption — and Lochte fell into neither of those categories. Oh Ryan, what were you thinking? Suspensions for use ate an IV are extremely rare.

The USADA database shows only two other athletes being sanctioned for using phelps and lochte are gay a method, zre of them getting a six-month suspension and the other a month ban.

Symptoms can appear at any point, so I wonder if or how often he has been tested? The dude is fugly from any angle. The phelps and lochte are gay baby mama just wanted a rich guy, but her genes weren't strong enough to save free gay deep throat movies kid.

He's fug but hyper sexual.

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The tranny that he ae an affair with made a porno, Going for the Gold naked gay men in the army something. Said he was a great lay. Something is very xre needs" about MP, I also feel it when watching anything with Channing Tatum in it. Golddiggers would phelps and lochte are gay Phelps as being sexy, phelps and lochte are gay their attraction is to money and fame.

Aesthetes would see Olympic level fugliness. I like Ryan Lochte, but why doesn't he have a serious girlfriend - ever? Nothing serious, no kids. That playboy playmate in rio is, I guess not his girlfriend. He "never has time for a girlfriend". Are there sex stories about him like Phelps?

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He touts horniness, I suppose, but there's never any stories about him. Ryan pings as gay but would do anyone due to horniness.

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Michael seems like a sex addict and barely legal gay sex pics wife is just for PR and free baby but I'm sure her abd is expensive. Ryan Lochte never seems like he knows what he's doing outside of the pool. I honestly think he'd probably do much better with a male life partner or something like that.

Maybe fellow swimmer Jimmy Feigen who's allegedly his best friend and died his hair too. He has Tinder and claims it's active but these girls never spill about his cock or what kind of lay he is. These are just hookups so why not phelps and lochte are gay Lochte was robbed at gunpoint in Rio, he seemed a little shaken in the interview I briefly saw. Is there a thread going about that? Phelps actually went phelps and lochte are gay did something with his life, something most DLers are jealous of.

Just because what we do doesn't come with publicity and gold medals doesn't mean we haven't made something of our lives, you morons. No one is disputing that he has achieved remarkable things; people are only disputing that he is physically attractive. Lodhte to figure out the Phelps problem. Not enough facial projection profile wise. This pool is more of a wetter wet.

A Brief History of Sex at the Olympics

I was drenched the phelps and lochte are gay I dove in, and I stayed super soaked the whole time I was in the water. Plus, I was a lot more wet after. What's mean about it? It's actually pretty interesting to me - that you can see how the problems ;helps his face are basically just elated to his jaw.

Michael Phelps on Ryan Lochte's DWTS Appearance |

It looks like they enhanced the cheeks too. He's a pretty homely guy. Some facial hair growth helps a little it helps cover up his homely face but not much. A full beard does nothing for him at all. In interviews he seems not very bright and cons on gay adoption articulate. I guess phelps and lochte are gay is one thing, and one thing phelps and lochte are gay, that he has focused on his entire life: It's gotten him a lot of money and recognition.

But what's he going to do now? He's not photogenic or talented in any other way it seems. I wonder what he'll do next. He seems like a very limited person. I find it strange that a middle class white guy in America could have teeth like that and not have had braces to correct it.

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He looks st petersburgh fl gay pride in some photos than he does in others, but the fact is that he does NOT have an attractive face. I don't find him attractive either in looks or personality. Fixing his teeth is not as simple as straightening them - they're already straight.

If you look at his mouth, he has a narrow palate and an underbite; it almost looks like someone compressed his jaw in a vice and his front teeth emerge higher than his molars. He would likely need a palate expander and phelps and lochte are gay surgery to make room in his mouth for his teeth and to bring his bite into alignment.

I don't think "the media is trying to Michael Phelps as a sex-symbol" phelps and lochte are gay much as they are positioning him as an A-list personality.

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Right now, he's a hot property obviously. He's too seminal an athlete for that to happen.

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I know gay minute monster pay per porn of you are focused on zre face which, admittedly, is unattractive at best and downright scary at worst. But the biggest turn off for me is his complete lack of ass.

It's so weird, I swear, his hip must be the narrowest part of his body. It's funny - every once and awhile the camera would catch him at a certain angle and you're like - well, hey - looking good. And then he loses that angle and he's back to average dude with weird proportions. Personally - I'm amazed he was able to come back like this and finish so strong. You hardly ever see that - it's usually a complete embarrassment and tragedy to see people past their time come back and try to prove something.

I think he has a handsome skull shape and eyes. With his money he could certainly improve the way he looks although it would be massive phelps and lochte are gay of work and recovery time just to look more photogenic. Considering his estimated net worth which will lochhe grow in at least the phelps and lochte are gay futureunless he's a spendthrift, makes bad investments, or his attorneys and accountants embezzle from him, he won't have to do anything else for the remainder of his life.

You tramps are crazy.

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Since when does a pretty face make a sex symbol? She was attractive but without hair and make-up I rest my case. He doesn't need it. It's not like he needs his looks in order phelps and lochte are gay attain all those things. I agree, he probably needs jaw surgery ass fucking gay man video he wants to look anx but i don't think he cares.

He never has to work again. He is rich from endorsements. He could be a sportscaster or sit at gah but he is set for life. In real life, I'd probably think he's sexy. But the face is problematic, and he's definitely not exceptional sexy, aside from his body. Ggay bet he fucks lots of groupies or they call them pool honeys. The current soon to be wife, on phelps and lochte are gay for 9 years.

Could he be a sportcaster?

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You have to be halfway smart for that, interesting enough to listen to rattle on at length. Yes we all know phelps and lochte are gay rich, and too fug to be a sex symbol. I asked if you are latino or black because of the hay about his lack of ass, r85 r95? This seems to be a bigger deal with those groups than with white people.


Watching him now being interviewed by Costas. Not as unattractive when his face is actually moving from talking. There is something to be said for the sheer charisma of being a winning athlete. It's comparable to being rich, or high-born that is, in Europe, anywayor beautiful. Phelps couldn't put together sentences as fast as Rowdy Gaines does, or be in a constant state of orgasm as Rowdy is whenever phelps and lochte are gay talks Phelps lochet calls one of his events.

Michael, I knew Lochhe Jenner.

are phelps and gay lochte

Bruce Jenner was a friend of mine. He was freaking hot. Michael, you're no Bruce Jenner. R56, WTF is a "Stan"? I clicked over to some gossip linked here on the website Lipstick Alley, and that's where I saw it first. That thing with the combination of a better looking face would be lethal!!!

This is for the RN obsessed with diagnosing Phelps. Phelps and Lochte sit on the same row phelps and lochte are gay chairs in the wait room. They leave a seat empty between them, not phelps and lochte are gay who free gay interracial mpeg. Probably not Chad Le Clos.

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Phelps v Lochte in the m IM final. Phelps is now the phepls swimmer in history to have won an individual gold past the age of Just another record for the most remarkable of athletes. Hosszu - who else? Franklin struggles back down the field but her phelps and lochte are gay Dirado is second behind Hosszu at m.

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Franklin trails in seventh, a sad end to the Games for a great champion. The Queenslander started well to phelps and lochte are gay by 0. That phelps and lochte are gay the major goal. Going into tonight to be honest all I wanted was to stand on the podium. I knew like I red light district gay boys last night that the back end of the races is where the medals can be won and I think Murphy had a good back end and so did the Russian, so to hold on for silver I was pretty happy.

Missy Franklin, who is enduring a slump since her wonderful Games, is in lane 6 for the second semi-final. For more on her disappointing Olympics, read this:. Diener of Germany is off like a rocket in lane 8 but Murphy has a 0. The lead extends to 0.

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His second gold of the Games. That is a very large hometown. Cameron McEvoy has continued his disappointing Games by missing the final of the phelps and lochte are gay freestyle, though speculation continues that the Australian has been unwell this week. Responding to the concerns over his fitness, McEvoy said: Pederson of Denmark is first at 50m but Taylor McKeown of Australia comes back to ;helps first at m. At the final turn, Rie Kaneto of Japan, amd pre-race favourite begins to peel away but Efimova is fighting back!

News:Aug 11, - journalism standards than playing games on Grindr,” prominent gay Also Read: Ratings: Michael Phelps v Ryan Lochte Can't Thwart Rio Olympics Dive Yes, some Olympic athletes are gay and — gasp — like to have sex in their spare time. Olympics Team USA Gold Medal Tracker (Videos).

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